Recordings of the Music of the Abayudaya, Jews of Uganda

Kulanu is happy to announce the availability of Shalom Everybody, Everywhere! and Lecha Dodi, recordings of the Jewish music of the Abayudaya.

Both CDs by this Jewish community in Uganda, who were nominated for a Grammy in World Music, are available from the Kulanu Boutique and iTunes. These songs are sung in English, Hebrew, Luganda, and Lugisu. Proceeds from the sale of these two CDs benefit the Abayudaya community of Uganda.

image: Alula Tzadik's Kulanu CD

With Shalom Everybody, Everywhere!* you can enjoy the moving renditions of traditional Jewish liturgy set to African melodies and rhythms, as well as new compositions created by the Abayudaya for religious services and daily Jewish life. The recording not only enables the world to hear this wonderful music; it also introduces the world to the remarkable Abayudaya people.

*Shalom Everybody, Everywhere! is currently sold out on our online store, but the full album can be downloaded from Abayudaya Jews of Uganda Or, check again soon to purchase this CD from the Kulanu Boutique!

image: JJ Keki's Lecha Dodi CD

Lecha Dodi, which is composed by members of the Abayudaya community, including Rabbi Gershom Sizomu, J. J. Keki and Rachel Namudosi, is the latest release of Ugandan shabbat music. Abayudaya master musician, leader, and coffee farmer JJ Keki has been heard on three CDs, including the Grammy-nominated Abayudaya: Music from the Jewish People of Uganda. His newest recording is a family project, also featuring his daughter Rachel and son Maccabbi, and includes songs and prayers from the Abayudaya Shabbat service sung in Hebrew and the local languages of Luganda and Lugisu.

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