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Kulanu Honors Two Abayudaya Leaders

The Abayudaya Community and "All of Us"

image: Young Abayudaya Girl Admires Hanukah Lights in Uganda. Photo by Aaron Kintu Moses, 2011.

Young Abayudaya Girl Admires Hanukah Lights in Uganda.
Photo by Aaron Kintu Moses, 2011

The Abayudaya community is one of the first far-away Jewish communities that Kulanu (www.kulanu.org) met and came together to support; volunteers first visited Uganda in 1995, just one year into Kulanu's existence as a non-profit. This early partnership helped to solidify the organization's commitment to isolated and emerging Jewish communities around the world, and to establish the Abayudaya as a widely recognized Jewish community. Today, they represent what Kulanu aims to acheive: helping far-away Jews to connect and learn from each other - further strengthening the Jewish lives of all of us across the globe.

Here's a sampling of some ongoing Kulanu-Abayudaya projects:

  • A primary and secondary school that serve the Abayudaya children, as well as their Christian and Muslim neighbors.
  • The school nutrition program, which funds breakfast and lunch every school day for the 800 students at the two Abayudaya schools.
  • Economic sustainability and other community support programs, such as micro-credit loans, vanilla and coffee co-ops, and a women's association.
  • An annual speaking tour that updates donors and friends on the progress of these projects.

Browse the links below to learn more, and click here for an overview of what "all of us" have accomplished together over the years.

Inspired? There are many ways you can support the Jews of Uganda! A fun and social way to start is through our Personal Fundraising Pages, which allow you to set up your own page that you can share with your family and friends. These PFPs are a great way to inform your networks about the Abayudaya and raise needed funds for the two schools and the student nutrition program. Go to kulanu.org/donate for a list of our Fundraisers and click on the one you want to support; from that page click "Register" in the top left and follow the instructions to create and share your own PFP! Contact us with any questions and comments. Thank you for stepping up to assist the Abayudaya community!

Other urgent funding needs and current capital projects are listed here. Visit the Get Involved page for more ways to join in this important work, or contact Kulanu to let us know you want to help (select "Kulanu Office" from the drop-down menu). We can't wait to hear from you.

View the Online Tribute to Two Inspiring Abayudaya Leaders

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to the 2012 Kulanu Tribute Journal. Check out the final product!

Click here to view the Tribute Journal honoring Aaron Kintu Moses and Naume Sabano of Uganda. Filled with beautiful photos and messages by Kulanu-Abayudaya visitors, volunteers, and other friends from around the world, the journal documents the impact this remarkable couple has had on the Abayudaya Jewish community, their neighbors, and on Jews everywhere. Contributions in honor of Aaron and Naume support the two Abayudaya schools they hold so dear, and the school nutrition program we all work so hard to maintain.

Kulanu thanks volunteers Jocelyn Spencer and Emma Patterson for their help in creating the online journal.

Missed the deadline? You can still show your support for the Abayudaya community's many accomplishments by contributing to Kulanu's online Tribute Journal Addendum Page! Show your admiration and gratitude for two inspiring leaders of the Jewish community of Uganda and help Kulanu and the Abayudaya continue to provide a high-quality education, as well as two meals every school day, to the hundreds of Jewish, Christian and Muslim children who attend the two Abayudaya schools. Thanks for participating in this fundraising tribute!

Thank you for your support and your involvement!



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