2017-18 Kulanu-Anousim Speaking Tour Calendar

Jonatas Chimen's Presentations Across North America

This fall, Kulanu is delighted to host Jonatas Chimen, a crypto-Jewish artist and writer, on a speaking tour of North America. He is available on weekends from October 20, 2017 through June, 2018. You can see the full announcement of this speaking tour here.

If you'd like to host our speaker on this year's tour, please see what dates are still available on the calendar below, then fill out our online inquiry form and let us know three possible dates that work with your schedule. We will then contact you to confirm a date.

Thank you for your interest in educating audiences about the inspiring story of the survivors of the Inquisition, as told in the art and stories of Jonatas Chimen!

Tour Calendar

Use the small blue > arrow to scroll through October to June and see dates when Jonatas Chimen is available.