Donate Your Kindle, Camera, or other Device to Kulanu, Inc.!

Did you know that you can donate all the e-books on your Kindle when you upgrade to a newer model? If you’ve recently purchased or received a new device, Kulanu would love to accept a donation of your old e-reader to be sent to a Jewish person or congregation in a far-away country.

Since books are heavy and expensive to ship, we anticipate that loading lots of books onto an e-reader will be a more efficient way to spread Judaic knowledge and education to communities that don’t have access to many published works. Please contact us today to let us know what device(s) you want to contribute to a Jewish community across the globe. Thank you!

We also welcome:
Phones: donations of working unlocked quad band smartphones. More of our communities now have access to cell phone charging stations, and some have access to wifi – so these phones can be very useful. The phones must accept a SIM card.
Cameras: digital cameras in good condition, 5 megapixels or more.
Laptops: Windows Vista or newer in good condition, at least 2 GB RAM.

To donate any of these, please contact us first at to describe what you are offering, and then we’ll send more instructions.

Thank you so much for getting involved in supporting the education of Jewish communities around the world.