2016 Kulanu-Madagascar Speaking Tour

Event Planning Kit

Thank you for hosting Elysha Netsarh in your community during her speaking tour throughout the United States! The Event Planning Kit is available online here for your convenience in coordinating the speaking tour presentation in your area. You may want to share all or parts of this information with others involved in your event (for example, your marketing team or home hospitality hosts).

If you have further questions, please send us a message at www.kulanu.org/contact -- select "Speakers Bureau" from the drop-down menu.


  1. About the Presentation
  2. Event Promotion Materials - Marketing Your Event
  3. Setup at Your Event
  4. About Hosting the Speaker
  5. Promote Kulanu at Your Event - Help Support Our Work
  6. Expanding the Event’s Impact

I. About the Presentation

The original speaking tour announcement gives an overview of what to expect when Elysha Netsarh speaks to your organization. In general her presentation lasts sixty to ninety minutes, depending on what the group prefers. A typical presentation involves:

  • A talk about the community's history and Elysha's personal journey to Judaism.
  • A video about the community.
  • A slideshow that includes stunning pictures of Madagascar and its unique animals and flora.
  • A question and answer session

Before and after the presentation, we hope that you will set up a table with information about Kulanu and the Madagascar Jewish Community. See the Kulanu Literature section, below, for more about table displays at your event.

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II. Event Promotion Materials - Marketing Your Event

Use the sample materials below to promote Elysha Netsarh's presentation in your community, or get creative and design your own flyers and announcements! (We also invite you to send us your marketing materials so we can share them with other communities as sample materials.)

Sample Press Release: Click here for a sample press release you can use to publicize the event with your local media.

Photos: Click here for photos you can use to promote the speaker and the event.

Sample Poster: Click here for a sample poster you can customize and use to promote the event.

Sample Event Notice: Here's an example of how to publicize your event in a bulletin or online calendar:

The Jews of Madagascar:

Kulanu, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting isolated and emerging Jewish communities worldwide, is bringing Elysha Netsarh of the Jewish community of Madagascar to the United States! Audiences will learn about the Madagascar community that has been studying and practicing Judaism without a formal connection to the global Jewish community. Come to learn about Elysha's journey to Judaism and how this dedicated community of over 100 people decided to claim Judaism as its own. This promises to be an amazing and inspiring event.

Speaker's Bio: Click here for Elysha Netsarh's biography.

Meet the Speaker's Community: To learn more about the Jewish community of Madagascar and Kulanu's work with the community, see http://www.kulanu.org/madagascar and our Madagascar playlist on Youtube.

The original speaking tour announcement is available here.

To find out where else Elysha Netsarh is traveling during her tour, check out our online speaking tour calendar (use the arrow at the top, next to the month and year, to scroll forward to October and November, 2016). More details are added all the time, so check it again as the tour approaches!

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III. Setup at Your Event

Audiovisual and Other (optional for Shabbat events)

Elysha will bring with her either a video and/or a photo slideshow on a flash drive. By early October we will post her video or slideshow so that you can download it and test it with your equipment before your event. Check back here for download instructions or watch for an email about this. If you choose to use these, you will need:

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IV. About Hosting Elysha Netsarh

Regarding arrival & departure:

  • We will be sending you Elysha's itinerary and details of her arrival and departure when her schedule and transportation have been confirmed.
  • We ask that you tell us who will be meeting Elysha upon her arrival in your city (usually by plane or train) and who will be helping her travel to the next location in her tour. This is so we know who to contact in case of an emergency.
  • Please remember that most of her flights will not include any meal so we ask that you make sure she has a bag lunch with her when she leaves your city.

During her stay in the U.S, Elysha will be carrying a cell phone and we will be sending you that telephone number with the arrival information.

We hope that whoever is hosting Elysha will talk with her regarding her needs while she is staying with you. For example, please ask her whether she would like to check email, have time to rest, go sight-seeing, or do laundry.

She is shomer Shabbat and does not generally travel by car on Shabbat, but will ride to shul. She keeps kosher. She will eat dairy/vegetarian foods, including fish, prepared in a non-kosher kitchen, and meat only in kosher homes. If your event is on Shabbat, she will speak with or without the slideshow.

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V. Promote Kulanu at Your Event - Help Support Our Work

In conjunction with Elysha Netsarh’s visit to your community, we encourage you to provide literature about Kulanu.

Kulanu Literature

The following materials will be included in a package we will mail to you, and some are available online so you can make additional copies as needed. Thank you!

Please display the following on the sales/literature table:

  • Mailing list sign-up sheet - encourage attendees to get on Kulanu's mailing list. We send out short and informative "Kulanu Updates" every 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah Project Postcards - For Bar and Bat Mitzvah students or anyone interested in sharing their special day with Kulanu and far-away Jews.
  • Donation envelopes

On collecting donations:

We have found that audiences are often moved to make a donation after learning about the inspiring lives of Jewish people across the globe. The funds Kulanu receives are directed to our work supporting these isolated and emerging communities.

  • When sending us donations, please do not send cash. We accept checks, money orders or online donations at kulanu.org/donate.
  • All donation checks should be in U.S. dollars, and made payable to Kulanu, Inc.
  • Donation checks to Kulanu should have mailing address and phone number.
  • If someone would like to make a donation after the event, they can give safely and easily online at kulanu.org/donate or mail checks to Kulanu, 165 West End Ave, 3R, New York, NY 10023.

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VI. How Have Other Host Communities and Their Members Extended Their Support of Kulanu?

Before the Visit

  • Showed videos about Kulanu-supported communities to congregation
  • Encouraged Hebrew School students to learn about the Kulanu communities on our website.
  • Sought additional synagogues, churches, schools, universities, and other organizations to co-sponsor the event -- including interfaith and diversity groups, and those interested in sustainable economic development, religious studies, and African studies
  • Invited African and African-American residents of their area to attend

While Their Guest Was In Their Community

  • Held small patron-style event (lunch, reception) for select donors and other individuals to give them time to meet the speaker
  • Held exhibit of photos taken in the guest's country - in this case, Madagascar.

At Any Time

  • Promoted the Kulanu, Inc page on Facebook (www.facebook.com/kulanu) and Kulanu's Twitter account (www.twitter.com/kulanu_inc) and shared how to become fans and follow us to show support
  • Encouraged people to sign up for Kulanu’s mailing list (pass around the Sign-Up sheets we provide, or just send an email to database[@]kulanu[.]org with your name and email address!)
  • Encouraged bar/bat mitzvah candidates to select Kulanu as the focus of their Mitzvah Project by distributing Kulanu’s printed bar/bat mitzvah brochures to the students in their own synagogue and to leaders in nearby synagogues and day schools
  • Adopted one of Kulanu's communities as an ongoing Tikkun Olam/Social Action/tzedakah project for a religious school or youth group, women’s or men’s club or tzedakah collective
  • Asked friends and family to make contributions to Kulanu in honor of special lifecycle moments, including high school graduation, adult bnei mitzvah, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, etc. (Click here for a fun and easy way to do this using Kulanu's new social media fundraising tool!)
  • Made donations to Kulanu (www.kulanu.org/donate) for the Madagascar Jewish community or other communities.
  • Ran a booth about Kulanu and the communities that we work with at school or community fairs.
  • Held a concert or other special event to raise funds for Kulanu.
  • Worked on getting press coverage for their event in newspapers, magazines, radio and TV shows, blogs, etc.
  • Introduced Kulanu to potential large donors or foundations in their area.

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Didn't find the information you were seeking? Please contact us (select "Speakers Bureau" from the drop-down menu) or call the Kulanu office at 212.877.8082 with any additional questions or comments.

Thank you for hosting Elysha Netsarh in your community, and for supporting Kulanu and our work with the Madagascar Jewish community!